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Duncan Cartlidge Online


An online learning resource in

taking off quantities, estimating, project management, contract administration and cost advice for students, quantity surveyors and construction managers.

         Includes member's online question and answer service.
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Duncan Cartlidge Online

Taking-off quantities, cost advice, estimating, project management & contract administration

Taking-off quantities, estimating, project management and cost advice are core skills for quantity surveyors and construction managers. Chartered quantity surveyor and best-selling author Duncan Cartlidge is now available at Duncan Cartlidge Online. It’s like having a virtual textbook at your disposal 24/7 but, unlike a textbook, Duncan Cartlidge Online gives access to focused HD video tutorials on key aspects of your professional life or course.

A modest monthly subscription gives access to the all-new learning packages in the member’s area.
Typically, each learning package contains;

  • Voice-over HD video presentations

  • Worked examples

  • Self-assessment questions and answers

  • Blogs

  • Learning resources


For example, measurement / taking-off content currently includes videos covering;

  • Introduction to taking-off

  • NRM2 explained

  • Bill of quantities documentation

  • Groundworks taking off

  • Below ground drainage

  • In-situ concrete

  • Masonry taking off

  • First fix / flat roofs

  • Pitched roofs

  • Second fix

  • Internal finishes taking off

  • Mechanical installations

  • Electrical installations taking off

  • New taking-off sections added regularly


Other measurement video tutorials include;

  • Taking off using CESMM4 for civil engineering works

  • International Construction Property Measurement (ICMS)

  • International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS)


Taking-off solutions are presented in conventional and spread sheet formats recognising the move away from traditional approaches.



Access to Duncan Cartlidge Online is £7 per month with no long-term contracts or commitment;

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Duncan Cartlidge Online


An online learning resource in taking off quantities, estimating,contract administration and project management for quantity surveyors and construction managers.

Who should be interested?

•    Students on undergraduate and post-graduate courses 
•    Apprentices
•    APC candidates
•    FE and HE establishments

What do you get?

24/7 access to high quality videos and learning materials, practical examples, self-assessment questions, discussion forums and blogs on the following topics;

How much does it cost?


Only £7 per month

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