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Degree or apprenticeship?

Around this time of year hundreds, if not thousands of students will be starting their education / training. For many dreaming of a career as a construction professional this traditionally has meant enrolling on either a full-time or part-time programme at university and for few an online distance learning course. It has long been recognised that a student following a part-time programme will, initially out perform a full-time student.

During the past few years a new route has emerged, graduate (Scotland) or degree (England and Wales) apprenticeships and like their full-time/part-time counterparts graduate/degree apprentices will work towards an honours degree. So, what's the big difference between this and the traditional part-time route.

The traditional part-time route, where typically a student is allowed by their employer to attend university for a day plus a week often leaves the practical aspects and the academic content uncoordinated, diverse and occasionally contradictory. If implemented correctly an apprenticeship involves work-based learning coordinated by the educational establishment and the employer.

So, what do you think? Full-time, part-time or apprenticeship?

Duncan Cartlidge

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