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Ethical dilemmas

How would you react to the following dilemmas ?

Dutch auctions

1. You have quoted a fee of £15,000 for project management services. The potential client advises you that another firm has quoted £13,500 and suggests that the job is yours if you match the quote.

No such thing as a free lunch

2. At what point does hospitality / gifts becomes unacceptable?

Conflict of interests

3. You are owed money by a client for your fees on a large contract and who has not paid your accounts for several months. Your bank it pressing you for funds and the end of the month is approaching when staff have to be paid.

Do you stop working for this client until you receive payment?

At the same time the contractor approaches you and says ‘if you continue to work and process interim certificates, progress the final account, etc. they (the contractor) will pay you directly. Do you agree?

Whistle blowing

4. You are aware that the company that you work for is obtaining work by offering incentives to public officials. The market conditions are highly competitive with little work and many companies going into receivership.

Do you;

· Turn a blind eye?

· Report the matter to the police under the Bribery and Corruption Bill (2010)?

You are aware that historically whistle blowers get a rough deal with many losing their jobs together with having great difficulty in find another job.


5. You are a free-lance qs / project manager who has been offered work by an employee of a large practice at £40 per hour, with £6 per hour being paid back to him / her in cash.

· Do you accept the work ?

· Do you refuse the work and report the matter to the practice partners?

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