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Late payers to be blacklisted ?

In addition to all the other problems the construction is facing just now; high interest rates, labour shortages, rising material costs, etc., etc. the constant problem of poor payment just adds insult to injury and the further you are down the supply chain, the worse it gets. In last year's Autumn statement it was announced that yet another scheme was to be introduced that would eventually require contractors hoping to win government contracts over £5m to demonstrate they pay invoices within an average of 30 days. There have been similar schemes in the past and major contractors seem to drift in and out of compliance as their payment regime alters. In addition, the 30 day target is set so far into the future one wonders whether it will ever be implemented or is it just electoral rhetoric? Answers on a small post card please to.........

There has to be a better way.

Duncan Cartlidge

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