NRM2 – It’s time for a 2nd Edition?

NRM2 has been with us for seven years now and yet I’m still getting requests from industry

to run training courses.

Even public sector clients have continued to use SMM7. What’s the

problem, why has industry turned its back on NRM2? There was an expectation in the RICS

that by now SMM7 would have been confined to the bonfire.

I was around during the transition from editions of SMM and I do not recall such a reluctance to embrace the new.

Admittedly, there are fewer bills of quantities around now but even so industry’s reluctance

is difficult to fathom.

During the year before Covid-19 there was the acceptance by the RICS

that uptake of NRM2 had been slow and a second edition had been planned to try and

address some of the issues.

Earthwork support could be on its way back it is rumoured, perhaps the biggest need for a

second edition is the number of typos in the text from real howlers such as the removal of

excavated materials given as an item, to the incorrect use of dotted lines to denote

alternative approaches to measurement.

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