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RICS Education shake up ?

Review of entry and assessment for RICS membership


A few months ago I wrote a blog voicing my concern about the state of education and training and the 'hands off' role currently being taken by the RICS in accrediting and monitoring degrees programmes. Well, completely coincidentally this month the RICS released a review into entry and assessment leading to RICS membership.


The review has a major emphasis on sustainability as well as the need to embrace and encourage diversity and equity but is really a set of intentions rather than any details. We are told that a range of pathways will be developed by 'RICS member experts'  who ever they are, with a clear and inclusive single point of entry.


Overall the review is very short on detail in terms of time scale but an online consultation / survey is promised between June and early September 2024 when everyone is on holiday.


Throughout the review there is constant reference to upholding the standards of the RICS. It is up to the membership to ensure that this is the case.

Duncan Cartlidge

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