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Too clever to measure?

Measurer or manager? Not for the first time quantity surveyors have an identity crisis.

Should taking off quantities be removed from the quantity surveying curriculum?

Professional institutions have been pushing for some time now for graduates to be the managers of the process and not the foot soldiers. The following extracts are taken from RICS Futures (2020)

We ( the RICS) know from conversations with employers that the traditional RICS-accredited degree route to professional qualification is perceived as increasingly outdated.To remain relevant, we must evolve the way we train and develop the future professionals– our students and members – so that they are equipped to deal with change across the sector.

In the same publication an industry leader commented;

‘Our experience is that undergraduates do not understand construction technology or how buildings fit together. If you do not know this, how can you advise on cost? This needs addressing on an industry-wide basis or we will end up with an acute skills shortage.’ (RICS Futures 2020).

Duncan Cartlidge FRICS

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