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Ethel the Aardvark goes Quantity Surveying

22 years ago Building magazine ran the Ethel the Aardvark article and asked the question; 'Will we soon be drying a tear over a grave marked RIP Quantity Surveying, 1792 – 2000?’. Of course, Building magazine was not the only one, Sir John Egan called the future of the quantity surveyor into question and even the RICS concluded the QS is ‘arrogant, friendless and uncooperative.’

Fortunately, the quantity surveyor is a tough and adaptable creature and to quote and paraphrase Mark Twain ‘reports of the quantity surveyors death are an exaggeration.‘

2023; a profession on the brink?

The opportunity for industry could not be bigger. It is a particularly exciting time for quantity surveyors because the use of digital tools means we have more capacity, and will be better equipped, to provide clients with insight and analysis to transform the performance of their projects and programmes.

Accurate and reliable cost advice has always been at the heart of what quantity surveyors do. Going forward the quantity surveyor will have even bigger and better cost data at their fingertips with the management and utilisation of big data.

I’m pleased to say that Ethel is history. The quantity surveyor is dead – long live the quantity surveyor.

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