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Revised NRM2 Suite

The RICS state that the main reason for the revised NRM guidance was the publication of the ICMS, IPMS and the 2020 RIBA plan of work as follows;

  • International Cost Management Standards (ICMS)

  • International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS)

  • RICS Professional statement on cost prediction

The inclusion of a professional statement on cost prediction is significant as professional statements are mandatory for RICS members and RICS regulated practices must adhere to their requirements when preparing estimates and cost plans. Members and regulated practices must now;

'Consider and agree with the client the appropriate method for reporting costs, recommending the use of ICMS where that would be in the best interests of the client.'

The rules for measuring preliminaries have been revised and the two preliminaries sections in the first edition have been combined into a single section. This is interesting as the flexibility claimed by the first edition between work packages and main contract bills has been ditched. The preliminary cost items applicable to main contract work only has been flagged up and there is reference to BIM in the preliminaries.

Earthwork support now has to be measured and is no longer reliant on specific instructions and I’m pleased to see that level 3 of masonry includes greater guidance on how to describe masonry, something that it long overdue in my opinion.

While it is welcome the typos and other copy editing errors have been corrected after 10 years just how much do these global standards impact on everyday business for the surveyor?

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