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MMC : the silver bullet?

Modern methods of construction (MMC) is one of the main planks of the UK Government's Construction Playbook to 'Build back better.' However, the massive insolvency rate in the MMC sector is causing problems.

The general public fell out of love with MMC following the Ronan Point tower block collapse in the late 1960s as well as the poor design and build quality of MMC. Problems revolving around insurance and warranties for defective MMC schemes and insolvent contractors has added further to MMC's problems. The hope was that MMC would help to solve the current labour shortages by transitioning construction, rather like the motor car industry, from a builder to an assembler, but supply chain and finance issues prove MMC is a long way off being the illusive silver bullet.

MMC will be a topic on a forthcoming podcast from downloadable from your usual source.

Duncan Cartlidge


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